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Growing Aloe Plants

Growing aloe plants is fun, easy and profitable! I speak of the Aloe Vera. The aloe vera is the aloe variety with the most recognized healing properties. These aloe plants thrive with just a little care, almost seeming to resent … Continue reading

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Buy Aloe Plant

Buying aloe plants is easy. Most stores offer the aloe plant for sale, at least at certain times of the year. I have been growing aloes for years, but I didn’t buy my aloe plant. A friend had a huge aloe … Continue reading

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Aloe Vera/Healing Properties

Many Uses: Healing The healing properties of Aloe Vera have been known, and are recorded, since biblical times. For centuries aloe has been used by native Americans as medicine. The gel of the aloe plant is used for a variety of ailments: … Continue reading

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Get your free Aloe plant

Get your free aloe plant here. Healing aloe plants enhance living. Live Aloe Vera plant for your window. The aloe plant is a fun easy to grow (and propigate) houseplant. Aloe plants do very well in the garden. I want … Continue reading

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