Growing Aloe Plants

Growing aloe plants is fun, easy and profitable! I speak of the Aloe Vera. The aloe vera is the aloe variety with the most recognized healing properties.

These aloe plants thrive with just a little care, almost seeming to resent to much care. My aloe plants need very little water and too much water will kill them. The soil the aloe is planted in should be allowed to dry completly before watering again. For a monthly newsletter, with growing aloe tips, and more aloe info, e-mail me or goto Free Aloe Guy website (see my custom list for link).

For-profit growing of aloe is a multi-million dollar industry, with all the healthy aloe products, and other products that have the juice of aloe or use the gel of aloe incuded. See- to see some of the aloe products available.

But, growing aloe is just plain fun. Once you recognize the indepedant nature of the aloe plant and give it just enough care- not too much!- your success is assured. If you would like an aloe plant to grow, a free aloe plant, contact me: . I’ll send you a free aloe plant for your home.

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