hi to more aloe enthusiests

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I have a HUGE Aloe Plant that is so top heavy it is going to break off.
I hate to waste all the huge leaves that are going to break off and II
cannot lift the pot so I need to start over with a smaller plant
anyway. But I want to use the aloe in the leaves and there is too much
to use in a month. I want to know how to keep is for future use.
Should I just scrap the gel off the leaves and freeze it or can I add
something to it to make it keep in the refrigerator for a year or two?


Hi Cheryl, Thanks for visiting and for this glowing description of an enthusiastic aloe grower. I’d love to see a photo.
Processing the aloe for home use has its limits.Differing methods are used by competing producers. Freezing the gel is a worthy idea. In fact I would very much like to know the result. The very lowermost leaves are the best suited for thier concentration of emolients over time.
The parent plant can be root pruned and repotted. It may reroot from the trunk.

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  1. Unknown says:

    I have a small aloe plant, it\’s very transparent complared to those I\’ve seen in you pictures, it\’s leaves are very thin & don\’t really hold their wn weight. It is about 2 years old now- at first I thought it ws coz it is a baby but now I\’m not so sure! I have got photo\’s but don\’t know how to attch them!!
    Any help or idea\’\’s you can give would be great.

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