The Aloe Bible


Advice and information, We are the experts. Complete planting instructions.

Caring for aloe plants. How to use them medicinally.

All this and much much more. Years in the making this is the handbook for aloe enthusiests. Plus ongoing customer support. We are there for you whenever you have concerns, questions or just want to talk about the amazing aloe.

About the author.

I am known as The Aloe Guy all over cyberspace. I have grown aloes for over 30 years. I share all of the tips I have learned over the years. Want to grow aloe for your own personal medicinal use? Or the real enthusiest that wants to learn the way of the aloe, Or maybe you realize what an incredible opportunity this humble plant offers.

Order the book today. Or e-mail me for other options:

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3 Responses to The Aloe Bible

  1. keith burt says:

    what is the best aloe plant to grow for production

  2. monique aube says:

    what place in the bible that we talk about aloe vera? thank you

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