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Prickly pear cactus plant *LARGE LEAVES*10 TO 12 INCHES Buy It Now or Best Offer$4.99Time left:6d 7h 58m

Eve’s Needle,Cane Cholla-cactus*B​ULKRATE*3inch cuttings Buy It Now or Best Offer$1.99Time left:17d 0h 53m

BARREL CACTUS(fishhook​)BULKRATE.1-2IN​CH rooted cuttings

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Cactus plants on eBay


The flat-jointed paddles of the prickly pear are not leaves, but an adaptation of a stem from which the fruit grows. The cactus paddles, "Nopales," are also a commonly used ingredient in Mexican recipes, including salads and scrambled eggs.

Don’t forget to view my slide show of these GIANT-SIZED leaves!


Eve’s Needle

Tree-like cactus, up to 13 feet tall (4 m),
10 feet in diameter (3 m); stems up to 20 inches long (50 cm);
awl like leaves, up to 5 inches long (12 cm);
1 to 4 spines, up to 3.2 inches long (8 cm)


Fishhook Barrel Cactus

The Barrel cactus can be easily distinguished from other cacti because of it cylinder-shaped body.

The cactus usually reaches from around five to eleven feet tall, and at that height it is one of the largest cacti in the North American deserts. This cactus is really a man-sized (or bigger) cylinder with numerous parallel ridges that run down the sides. These ridges are topped with dangerously sharp 3-4 inch spines. The barrel cactus is also a flowering plant. It has rings of yellow-green or red blossoms at its top. 

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Cactus plants on eBay

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Succulent City

They are all gone!

Free Aloe Plants

I don’t have any aloe plants until further notice.
I lost most of mine when the ice storm left us without power for 3 days.
It froze and I lost almost all of my aloes.
I still have Prickly Pear and other cactus plants.
They are listed on eBay as well as my web site.
My eBay username is thealoeguy1; come see me!

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